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The journey from Bridge Cadet to Ship Captain is very long, very difficult, and very expensive.
Currently fewer than 1 out of 1,000 cadets can hope to make it to Captain.
How many of those cadets are female?
A very small percentage.

Before getting an assignment as a Bridge Cadet, one must get through the maritime schools. These are expensive and difficult.

A successful Cadet, once hired, can expect to take many years to work his / her way up through the ranks.

When he/she finally reaches Captain, there are bigger challenges than a glass ceiling.
A cruise ship captain earns less than 50% of what a tugboat captain makes.

A commercial Captain (freighter, tanker, fishing boat, oil rig) earns 4 times what a cruise ship captain makes and does not have to put up with crazy passengers or crew, Norwalk virus, US Public Health, or entering / leaving port 5 days out of 7.
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