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Hey, if I can no longer smoke on my balcony as of the new rule for all lines and ships owned by Carnival, then why the hell should I suffer at sea sexual acrobatics by other passengers on the same ship/cabin area? Potentially listening to "them" and being a passive recipient of that excersise could damage me, if only to my sleep.

I appreciate me smoking in the open air could take three or four minutes of suffering for those around me (dont think so), but those 2 mins could damage more folks that night than me having a quick smoke on my balcony. :-)

Tongue in cheek with above, but I cannot wait to hear from Carnival the next thing they will do to piss people off in rules and regulations, hey Chadxo, do it while you can bud.

Go for it during the day in full view of the bridge, and even better in port, see what they do then
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