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The Catholic Brothers at Marist College in Poughkeepsie (where Bill graduated from and I received my Masters) must be so proud of him

In essence Bill is trying to use his bully pulpit to influence censorship in the music world.never works and usually what the Conservatives in the 50's said about a young Elvis wiggling his hips or heaven forbid Little Richard & Ray Charles performing in front of a race mix crowd in the South in the 50's...they sound alot like Bill

As I am sure our CM buddies Paul & Dave will agree..we all played in rock bands in high school & college primarily to attract the pretty girls the "bad boys of rock bands " always seem to attract the "good girls" in high school...I was lucky I played in both a rock &soul band in high school /college and was an athlete...the more outrageous the front man of the band was (plus they usually drove a muscle car or a "Vet") the more girls were around.....same theory applies with the rappers usually grows out of it if your Parents ignore you and let it kid has an IPOD with hi tech headphones so Parents don't know what they are listening to anyway

The fact that Bill has ranted so much about it has increased sales and downloads of Beyonce's X rated video...if he kept his mouth shut, it would have run it's course backfire and I am sure Beyonce thanks Bill everyday
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