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I just read the Insider email about this and I have good but also some mixed feelings.

I love that traditional seating has been eliminated but I can see that this will shake up a hornet's nest of response from traditional people.

I don't like the fact they are "encouraging" everyone to book their dinner reservations before the cruise. I really do not like having to pre-book dining. I want the flexibility to decide, the same day, when and where I will be dining. It has always worked well on NCL for us.

Also: The idea of having to book a reservation for the main dining or complimentary venues is going to further shake the hornet's nest.

Overall, I have to say that I'm a bit tepid over the whole thing. I like that they have diversified their restaurants and brought in some "Celebrity Chef" restaurants but I'm not sure about the regimentation required by the guest to figure out what, where and when they want to eat before they set foot on the ship.

This will be interesting to see the responses from traditional Royal Caribbean guests.

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