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Originally Posted by Floridanamaw View Post
I know I am making this more complicated than it really is but I want to make sure I understand. Our cruise comes back into Vancouver on a Saturday but we are not flying out until Sunday. When we go to the airport for check in they do the customs/declaration documentation there, correct? The flights I'm finding then go to Toronto with a layover then to Atlanta (ugh) with a layover and then to our home airport. We only have to do the customs thing in Vancouver when we check in for our flight? How long does it usually take to get through customs?

Do most of the hotels in Vancouver offer a shuttle to the airport or will we need to catch a cab?

Thanks so much for your help. I love cruisemates!

BTW, my travel agent recommended Cruise Critics and I said no, I don't think so. I have a great site already.

If you're flying Vancouver to Toronto to the US you'll hit US Customs and immigration in Toronto not Vancouver. Make sure there is a lot of time on your Toronto layover for this.

Most downtown hotels do not have shuttles to the airport, you'll need to take a cab (approx $35) or take the Skytrain if you're close to a downtown station for a couple of $$

I can understand your TA recommending CC. Not bashing CM, but the posting traffic is far higher on CC and you'll get answers a lot quicker.
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