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Originally Posted by SausPud View Post
Packing them in like Sardines, is a phrase I have read a couple of times on here and it doesn't make sense. The cabins are 9% larger than Oasis Class cabins. How is that packing them in like sardines?, when there is more space. The ratio of crew to passengers is the same across the fleet. So not sure where the sardine phrase is making sense.
"Packing them in like sardines" isn't solely about the cabin size. It's about the total space on the ship including public areas. The passenger space ratio on Quantum is smaller than both the Freedom and the Oasis class. Not by much, but it is nevertheless a tighter ship, space wise, as is the trend for all new builds.

With all berths filled, Freedom has a PSR of 35.3, Oasis 35.4, and Quantum 34.2.
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