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Originally Posted by SausPud View Post
The comments about Europe "I would not take a Meds cruise just because I like to stay in a city for more then one day and stay in the cities I want to stay in." Then cruising isn't right for you anywhere in the world as you only (normally with the except few stops that buck this trend) stay in any port for one day.
It's like me saying the Caribbean is a waste of time as you only visit the islands for one day and not visit the islands I want to.
SP - When you have roots, family and friends overseas doing a cruise and getting one stop 9 to 5 in that country does not cut it. I need more time in certain cities to enjoy family and friends. So for this reason always have done a trip by land not ship.

A caribbean cruise I have no relatives there and that type of cruise is just for relaxing sitting on the beach and/or tours (zip lining, atv etc. etc.) and enjoying the ship.
At this point it does not matter which island which beach they all look the same at this point.

And I agree with Mike's post above. With each birthday that passes I get less and less interested in long flights. These days I start getting fidgety during a 3 hour flight to Florida.
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