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You know what, guys. I just read what she said about this person - and I agree with her - she is a comedienne - no apology necessary.

She joked about three girls who were abducted. Her joke was about their situation, not the girls. Then she made a joke about the media and how some things get a pass and others don't.

I say give her a pass. I just saw her show on HBO - and if she is OK for HBO she should be okay for Norwegian.

You know - they make films like "Texas chainsaw Massacre" based on real people who actually wore the faces of dead people and committed murder. That is immortalizing those people. She just made a joke about the girl's situation, not her.

Joan's show on HBO was VERY over the edge, outright bawdy and awful in terms of "propriety" - but it was also laugh out loud funny and I thought it was great. Yes, I was fully aware that it was way "over the edge" (not just close to it - over it) - but it was also hilarious.

I am an old fan of Joan Rivers anyway. As a comedienne in the '60s she could absolutely kill in Las Vegas, (lines like: Elizabeth Taylor has more chins than a Chinese phone book) for example. And that 'over the edge' comedy is what she has always done - but now it is even more over the edge because that is what successful comedians do these days.

Joan is not a clean "cruise ship" comedian - she is an adult "listen to it when the kids are in bed" kind of comedienne. Remember "Rusty Warren" records, the comedienne whose records were for adults only when we were kids? Well guess what - kids have the Internet these days, they hear and see it all, and if you think they don't you are only deluding yourself.

I do not care for a lot of modern comedians, I get almost nothing from Louis CK, for example (as a comedian) - maybe a smile once in awhile, but Joan had me falling out of my seat. Yes, I was fully aware it was things no one should say out loud - but sometimes that is what makes great comedy.

I say it's too bad for Norwegian if they had to bow to pressure from non-fans who wouldn't go anyway that they would have to cancel the cruise for the people who actually wanted to go.

From what I see, she was booked as a lecturer. Well, you have to book Joan as someone who only performs for people who already know what she does. You should not unleash her on an unsuspecting audience. But I am still a big proponent of free speech.

But, as I said, there are a lot of artists I don't like, but Joan is an exception, her comedy is outrageous and really funny. If you don't like it no one is twisting your arm to listen to her, but lets not censor people we we don't like just because.
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