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I did not deny her show is crude. I said it was beyond crude and offensive. But it is comedy. Very much of what you hear in comedy is very crude these days. I just happen to think at least hers is funny. If you don;t then you have a different sense of humor.

But here is the truth: most very successful comedians work VERY dirty and crude these days - even Bob Saget from that show with Olsen Twins: This video is him and it is extremely crude:


I fully admitted Joan was way over the top, but what I said was "But I have also seen her on shows where she plays it straight with nothing obscene or crude for an entire show." and that was what I was referring to when I said "She is not a stupid or crude person at all." and that "She could have stayed within the guidelines given to her." if they had given guidelines to her. I have also seen her on "The Apprentice" and other shows where she never said a single crude thing.
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