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I've just been given a new laptop at work & it is driving me crazy!!
I used to have a Lenovo Thinkpad & it worked just fine, but along comes the Windows "upgrade" and suddenly I need a new laptop, and where the return, backspace, up/down, end etc used to live to the right hand side, these have all moved & suddenly up/down is where enter used to be, "home" is where backspace used to be, so you're typing away, need to backspace, and do so automatically, you suddenly realize that you are now typing in the middle of the text you had already written - arrgghhhh!!!

Why would they do this to me

However if you really want to freak someone out, get them a French style keyboard, okay so some of the language characters are different, but where you may be used to QWERTY they have this ..

Good game

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