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Originally Posted by skymaster View Post
I think it's a GREAT SHIP because it DOESN'T have the 2.0 upgrades! Still got the BIG shows, with lots of dancers and singers, and the BIG band. Still got the great food and service in the dining rooms, instead of the American Table thingy. I really enjoyed my last two or three cruises aboard "Dream", and hated to see it leave our Florida Ports.


I HOPE I enjoy it as much as you have. No Alchemy Bar nor Guy's is a BIG deal to me. My two favorite places on Carnival ships. I will go more Mongolian Grill, Deli, and room service BLT's to make up for Guy's.

Doing Triumph again on 7/28 Sky. They have the Big Band, Big Production Shows, MDR's with regular menu AND an Alchemy Bar and Guy's Burgers. Almost perfect, but no Mongolian Grill.
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