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Originally Posted by cheryldoo View Post
I noticed on some cruiselines, despite the fact that the tips are prepaid, often provide an envelope is left for "a little something extra". Aside from the person who did that extra special something for you, do you feel it is necessary to tip again??
The simple answer: No

If someone did do "extra" to make your cruise more enjoyable then go ahead and tip whatever you wish but don't feel cheap if you just give the auto tips and you don't need to tip everyone because one person did extra.

I think the largest "extra" tip I ever gave was to a cabin steward. He noticed that our duffel bag had a tear in it. This was done while in transit and not by the cruise line. He offered to have it fixed. I took him up on the offer and two days later the duffel bag was returned and you could not see that it had ever been torn. (It was a pretty big rip). I asked how much I owed for the repair. His answer was a smile and the word "Nothing". I had a great feeling inside for this gesture. The next day I gave him $100 and had to make him take it. It was more than the duffel bag was worth but his attitude and dedication to having it repaired was worth it. As I said: I have never gave a steward that amount of an "extra" tip but sometimes it's worth it.

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