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Default IT Job

Thanks guys,

Truly I have read a lot about working in IT jobs on a cruise ship and none of the articles or blogs reference a complete lack Americans on board. I assume it is somewhere in between none and a lot *shrug*.

As for my qualifications, I most definitely fulfill the technical specifications that I read. I already work long hours (we are client serving so we have to accommodate international clients), my absolute passion is technology, and I love interacting with people especially about computers. I already do both hardware and software tech support along with a load of systems administration on many versions of Windows. On top of that, I sit on the E-board and am webmaster of a local charity. In my spare time, I am working towards my A+ and eventually my Network+ certs.

I have already applied to jobs at:

RCCL IT Infrastructure Specialist
DCL IT Technical Analyst
Oceania CL Systems Manager
Regent SSC Systems Manager

And all the recruiters I could find. I didn't do Seven Seas Group because they ask for some serious personal information(a copy of my passport, social security number, etc.) It made me a little to nervous to apply, because I am basically giving them the tools to commit identity theft. I also applied to one Can anyone tell me if this is legitimate? For some reason no recruiters(besides excite recruitment) can ever get back to me on a subject.

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