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Originally Posted by Dave Beers View Post
Coincidentally, Norwegian is having a webinar tomorrow (Wednesday) with travel partners.

Some are already reporting that they have been contacted by email from their PCCs at NCL customer service with the confirmation of the No Balcony smoking ban. Also same from those who book with Casinos At Sea. Have not seen anyone report that their TA contacted them.

Interestingly, someone has ventured a guess that the change is related to new SOLAS regulations which would require a policy change to no smoking on balconies OR the retrofitting of smoke detectors and suppresser systems as well as enclosure modifications for all balconies ( to contain the dreaded drifting smoke ). If so, I think we can expect HAL to quickly follow suit.

If it is tied to new SOLAS regs, it is easy to see why they just simply went no smoking for balconies. It does not cost them a penny up front. Whether they will lose business or gain business in the long run, who knows.

I trust you will post the announcement on the board here after your webinar or when NCL makes it official.
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