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Default Excellent recap of air seating rules.

Originally Posted by Dannyboy View Post
This entire post was about the airlines and enforcing safety and personal space for all passengers.
It should be understood that the airline employee's deal with this issue daily.
If you were in your seat and the person next to you encroached on your personal space, denying you the use of your own seat, the airline employees must take action.
YES, safety is priority.
In the past some passengers brought there own seat belt extension.
Two major problems, The airline personal will not know a problem exist until the boarding process is nearly complete.
The crew on the aircraft don't even know if the seat belt extension is FAA approved.
To address this issue the airlines have set the standard by using the arm rest as the measuring tool used to determine measurements. If a passenger is sitting in any seat and can not get out of the seat because of being wedged between both arm rest, this is a serious safety issue. The airline is not looking for blame or on a hut for large passengers, they need to get the cabin door closed to taxi on the tarmac (runway). Many airlines will simply move passenger around to accommodate needs, providing 1-open seat is available. The airlines are not in the business to lose revenue on flight (s) to meet the personal needs of a condition that is addressed in the airline policy and procedures. This policy also applies to large people, Passengers in wheel chairs, passenger with disabilities from every possible medical limitation and or condition such as a passenger that is 6'8" tall and 300 lbs with 2% body fat may not fit in the seat purchased. Anybody whom refers to a medical issue out of there control or a eating disorder is missing the point. Just remember, if a person has the ability to determine his or her own needs and knows the restrictions that are relevant must make an educated decision to insure they will achieve there final goal. That's getting to and from your final destination with out delay, even if the cost is nearly double or flying a red-eye flight.
Nice recap for reasons for seating regulations,; it brings up the question about regulations on cruise ships. Are there any restrictions that you knonw of.
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