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Originally Posted by Travelbuggs View Post
Totally off topic, but that video in your post is facinating, but horrifying! Do you know the story behind it? The guy in the wheelchair appears to be diving straight down an elevator shaft! Yikes! Did he think he was heading through an open door somehow, maybe because of the reflection? Is he OK? The doors did not seem to be secured at the bottom at all. Please tell, I have to know.
I have been using a scooter while going through rehab for a leg injury for the last 3 years, and am finally ambulatory once again. I have had every mishap in the darn thing except what happened to our asian friend there, so it's a bit of a personal joke (I think I'm Kyle Perry sometimes so-) I've run over feet, gone out of control down a hill, banged into cars, walls, and doors, gone off a curb and flipped etc.... so it makes me smile to think I've done everything EXCEPT driven down an elevator shaft...

As for the guy in the animated gif, I have no info. Hope he's alright.

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