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Hi, I'm Ralph, don't know of any organized groups. I did the single world thing a coup;e of time when i was younger...mixed results but saved $$. I'm looking for just one to share costs:


I'M Peter Pan and honest, Wendy, I really can fly.


Age; Very active 72.
Retired Engineer.
Private Pilot.
Certified Scuba {Advanced Open Water].
Enjoy Flying, Sailboat & Bicycle touring.
Prefer the road less traveled when ashore.
Took four cruises in last three years [one River-Danube,Two Transatlantic] and am supposed to be Mid-Atlantic now [Oct.26,2015] But travel mate suffered health issues.
Non-smoker is a must. social drinking is cool.
I can speak most spanish but am not fluent.
I view traveling with a new mate pretty much like gaining a college dorm roommate: At best we become close friends; At worst we share a space, respect boundaries and go our own way.

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