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Default Re: What's with the anti-CCL bias?

Hi: I think most of the serious bashing is directed towards a couple of incidents where CCL was less than attentive towards a customer problem. There is the woman who had her room broken into and items stolen and the "Vacation from Hell" where a CCL employee berated the woman's Mother who was on the cruise trying to relax after her cancer treatment. In both cases, CCL show remarkable indifference towards these people. Read the posts for more details.

Then there is the story about the family whose Father died while on a shore excusion. You might have seen the coverage of that one on TV. Yes, CCL is not liable for the death but CCL could have handled the problem in a more professional manner

When you spend a lot of money on a vacation like a cruise, you need to feel confident that the cruise line cares about you. It's a feeling that you should get from the room stewart to the Captain that you are appreciated.

You can always find things to complain about. I try not to sweat the small things but big things should not spoil a hard earned vacation and those two women had ligitimate complaints.

As far as my experience goes. My first CCL cruise was in April. It was our second cruise, first being on Princess. Both cruises were fine experiences and both cruise line have a different approach. I will cruise with CCL again.
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