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Default Re: What's with the anti-CCL bias?

I work for the ground crew of Celebrity in Baltimore and I hear all the same complaints coming off the ship as you hear on the Carnival boards except complaints about the food. Although some people have complained about the food. There was a woman who came off the ship crying a few weeks ago because she had been robbed and was very upset about the way the ship handled it. She said they put a gag order on her and her adult son so she was not able to say much. I don't know the whole story because of that but then we don't know the whole story of the people that post here either. Sometimes people who don't hear what they want to hear from a company or representative decide they are handled badly even if all that can be done is done. As for the carnival bashing, many people do have a very bad opinion of carnival. All I can say is after hearing the problems coming off the Celebrity ship I realize that it happens on all the ships and I am more thankful for my 13 cruises on Carnival. I get a very small discount on Celebrity and I will still cruise Carnival instead. We are booked on the Spirit and Conquest and every time I go to work I can't wait to see a Carnival ship again. Gotta go, the ship is sailing into to port today. Cindy
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