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Originally Posted by Expat Cruise View Post
The simple fact is if you have a confirmation with one cabin on it they cannot change without your approval. You have a valid legal contract, but the line level customer service people just do what they are told.

In truth if they do not change you back you can and should dispute the total cruise fare. If you want to take the cruise and want the cabin assign to you, then a call to the legal department of Princess Cruises can fix the problem. Any member of the legal team at Princess getting the call will correct because they know they cannot defend against this. I would never wait for customer service to correct or accept "They said they "would put in a request" to change it back to the original room but they couldn't promise."
This is incorrect information when talking about Princess.

First, as I said below, when making a booking with Princess, there is an option for upgrades. One says 'no upgrades'. The next says 'open for any upgrades'. And the other one says 'upgrade only to next level'. That one means from inside to oceanview, oceanview to balcony, etc. If you book directly with the cruise line or most online sites, they won't ask you about what you want, if any, so they'll usually check the 'any upgrade' option.

This information is also provided in the information available to the passenger when they go into the online check-in on the Princess website. I talk to my clients about these options and almost always check on the 'upgrade only to next level' for my clients, unless I know they want a specific cabin for a specific reason.

If they booked and the 'any upgrade' option was selected, the cruise line has the right to move you to another cabin that is classified as an upgrade.

So, your comment about the contract or disputing the amount is not valid in this situation.

And as for 'calling' the legal department - yeah, good luck with that idea, because it's not going to happen. There are many steps involved when dealing with something like this and picking up the phone and directly calling the legal department is definitely not one of them.

Again, not to belabor the point, but this is why it pays to work with a reputable agent. They have contact information not available to the public and can often get concessions the average passenger can't get or doesn't know how to get. (Been there done that many times!)

But to suggest someone can get a full refund when they've been given an unwanted upgrade is definitely something that's completely outside the realm of reality.

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