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Default Re: Re: Ship's "SECRET" Cabins

Betty Boat,

If you go to the Celebrity website and go into the deck plans for the Horizon, you will see on the Galaxy Deck (which is above the Caribbean Deck) that large white space past the Starlight Restaurant is the Kitchen Galley.

Then if you go one deck down to the Caribbean Deck you will see a lot of green inside cabins that are directly under that white space (Kitchen Galley). This is where I was in the green cabins and it was extremely noisy.

So you are on the Bermuda Deck? It looks good under the card room.

If I ever go on the Horizon again (which I doubt) I would do the Atlantic Deck and be under a deck of only rooms.

The dining room food was very good on the Horizon, but I didn't care for the older ship ambiance. Just my opinion.

Have a great cruise.
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