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Default Re: Formal night attire faux pas ?

Well said Kuki. Although dressing up is considered the "norm" on formal nights, I certainly won't judge someone else unless I was "in their shoes". We did a 7 night cruise with a couple we met previously on an earlier cruise. When they realized that their luggage was lost, they had only the clothes on their backs, plus a few things in their carry-on. Thanks to a few kind-hearted employees on the Veendam, they were at least able to borrow a few items and change. Their luggage wasn't delivered to them until the next-to-last day. They did go to the first formal night dressed very casual, but kept a very positive attitude. BTW, my DW and I enjoy dressing up for formal nights, but realize some folks just don't have the resources to buy formalwear. Sadly, many choose just to ignore the "suggested" apparel. Clothes don't make the man (or woman); character does.

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