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tom f
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Juan: the only thing I will agree upon is the comfort of the cabins and the beauty of the ship. (although some of the decor was really over the top)
The food was the worst I ever had, and I am not a food critic. Those rolls in the dining room got so hard it good had knocked you out. And if you were on the same ship and sailing I was on, I dont know what you were eating. The meat was HORRIBLE. Once again, the only thing they got right was the pasta dishes.
As for the staff being rude, what do you mean if I spend any time in Europe I would know that they are not being rude. Good they not say good morning to the American passengers and maybe even look at you. They were saying good morning to the European passengers. I REPEAT, this staff was rude. They looked as thought they did not want to be there. And they could care less about your comfort. Andonce again that goes for all the staff except the oriental staff that was very polite and on target.
Juan, I dont know ow many sailings you have been on. But this was a horror show of a cruise;.
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