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Tom F
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Rosemary: I just viewed your photos of your trip/ It looked as if you had a wonderfull time. I dont want to take that away from you. You ask why I did not shop around Well Rosemary, this holiday cruise is more expensive than other cruises. If I had spent only $400, I dont think I would have been as upset. Now, it does not look as if the ship was that crowded. Maybe that had something to do with the horendous conditions on my cruise. The bottom line, is you had a good cruise Rosemary. I am sorry to say that I did not. Nor did the 40 friends and family members I was with. Nor the other 1000 or so other passengers I observed complaining. I was promised an Italian style cruise. I was looking foward to it. I paid for it. This was not an Italian anything. Now I am glad you enjoyed your cruise, I will leave it at that.
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