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Default Re: costa fortuna nightmare

Tom F

I have been reading your posts since your 1st time, I believe it was 1/13/04. I really felt bad for you then but now sorry to say its getting old. You have pounced on everyone that has posted their postive expeirences. I think everyone understands you had a bad experience and like I said felt for you but now its time to move on. Anyone that comes to this board will see everything you have written and can use their own judement you don't have to kep *harping* on it.

I have also read about the Carnival sickness but there is nothing I or you can do about that. This is not the first time a cruise ship has had this problem and I am sure it won't be the last. When you have that many people in a confined space anything can happen. That can happen anyplace not just on cruise ships. If you want to stay home and never cruise again then so be it. Thats your choice. I will be leaving this Sat. to cruise for 7 wonderful days with my husband on the Atlantica and we can't wait. This will be our 2nd time on the Atlantica and I am sure it will not be our last.

Please take a breath and relax. You have done what you set out to do and thats tell of your terrible time on a Costa ship. Now let others read your posts and those of others and make their own decision. Please..............................
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