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Mario sebastiani
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Default Re: costa fortuna nightmare

After reading most of the posts on this site I feel that it is emotions that are running wild and the actual rating of the ship is taking a back seat. I have sailed on 3 Costa ships....Victoria.....Atlantica and the Med. I have had a wonderful time on all three.
Most people should realize that the Costa fleet is a European line and will cater to the European crowd and not the North American one. I am sure that with 2000 passengers on board you will always have a few that will find fault with everything. While I was on the Victoria we had the same 3 American families that were complaining, that there was to much Italian spoken on board and that they did not like the food at all. I could understand that ,after all food is a very personal thing. However the one family would be in the dining room night after night and the kids would order hotdogs and fries in the dinig room. I alternated between sea food and filet mignon. How could one say filet mignon made them sick but hotdogs 7 nights in a row was o.k. Anyways go on the ship and make up your own mind. If you go anywhere with a negative feeling you will for sure pick up on negative things.

P.S. Just to give an exsample of the complaints....While in line for the buffet which had at least 100 choices the group in front of us were making stupid remarks about the food.. Very loudly they would say what the hell is this ...what the hell is that ....they were reffering to roasted peppers and roasted sliced eggplants...With the over 100 choices for the whole hour they were complaining about the two or three selections they never saw before....Really!
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