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Evelyn Richardson
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Default We paid our fare same as you!

On Crystal World Cruise recently the 100 Full World Cruise people made it very plain they wanted the ship as their own private yacht. They told the President that they did not want people buying segments.

WHY? If you look in the brochure you will see that if Cabin "A " is occupied by a full world cruiser couple they will pay approx $82K for 104 days

Next over the same 104 days Cabin "B" will be occupied by 5 succesive couples over the 5 segments, at a cost of approx $87K

It was the "segment" people that supported this cruise . Without us Crystal really would have "bled to death". and it is time that Crystal realised EVERY PASSENGER IS EQUAL WE ALL PAID OUR FARE

Not everyone can simply go away for 3 months straight, nor can everyone spend $82K (First class air fare included courtesy of Crystal) on one cruise, but they may be able to go away for 2-3 weeks and pay $15-$16K + the cost of their air fare which they had to pay themselves.

The average cruiser would I think find funding even a segment involves a good bit of saving on their part. I know I have to save for a whole year in order to fund this cruise. Does having to save for just a portion of the cruise make me less worthy? I dress well, always observe the dress code, eat with good table manners etc. Plus I say "please" and "thank you" treat the waiter and stewardess' as human beings not as my own private "skivies"

Who gave the full world cruisers permission to act as though Symphony belonged only to them. ?
The blame must lay with Crystal who used every oportunity to tell them how special they were, the special parties, dinners, shore tours, entertainments etc.

At time when almost every other cruise line is trying very hard to woo passengers ,Crystal is deliberately snubbing the average passenger and driving them away in order to cater to the whims and fancies of a select few.

Spend an afternoon sipping Rare wines,and vintage champagne,in the Vintage room, smoking Corona -Corona cigars and drinking vintage Cognac in the Connoisseur Club, have a nice chat with the representative from Harrods of London followed by a chat with the representative from Sotherby's of London, followed by a $350 massage in the spar. Does Crystal really believe this is how the average passenger wants to cruise?
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