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Evelyn Richardson
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Default Re: Re: We paid our fare same as you!

The World cruise segment was my 10th cruise with Crystal, for cruises 1-8 my reaction was the same as you, I was impressed etc.

However on my cruise the 9th cruise, something appeared to be going wrong, in fact out of a table for 8, 7 of the other passengers (all making numerous repeat cruises with Crystal ) cancelled their future bookings. I kept my in, thinking that one bad cruise was not necessarily a sign of the future.

My 10th was unfortunately the segment of the world cruise and almost everything went wrong on it , much of the problem was the fault of Crystal management.

I switched cruise lines, after all why pay 6 star price and only get a 3 star cruise. ! Some people will say you cannot compare a line like Celebrity to Crystal for instance My Crystal cruises cost me approx 2-3K more than I would have paid for similar cabin and itineray on Celebrity but I did not get 2-3K extra value .

Comparing the value received for the amount of $ paid, is the final judgement of a cruise line.
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