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Default Re: Charge for Todd English Dining

Reading JP Evans and Cruisepal makes us somewhat sceptical about our trip on the ship in November. Both of you make some excellent points both positive and negative. We try to read as many reviews and news items about the ship as we can and so far the positive and negative points are running neck and neck.. We really cannot totally agree re the opinions about Carnival though.We think they put out a good cruise for the money despite the shortcomings. As we will never be able to afford the top of the line cruiselines such as Crystal,Radisson, Seabourne etc we will content ourselves with what my husband calls "The Average Joe Cruise". Having only five cruises under our belt with RCCL,Costa,Holland America and Carnival we have enjoyed them all. None of those cruises were perfect but none were bad either. Travelling with Cunard in November will be a huge "step up" for us and we're hoping it will be as enjoyable as all the other cruises we've taken.But my husband is expecting "a little touch of class" on the QM2 (despite the Carnival ownership!!!!) And if the Todd English Diner comes even close to the Carnival Legend's Golden Fleece diner then the 30 dollars will be worth every cent.

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