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Default Re: Re: Charge for Todd English Dining

Everybody ease off of CruisePal. He is just giving his opinion, based on the comparisons his job has afforded him to make. I am quite sure none of you will cancel your trip based on his postings. Everybody agrees that a ship of this size will endure some growing pains. The only way Cunard will be able to make corrections that will enhance passenger satisfaction is if people like CruisePal say something. He doesn't necessarily have to wait until he is on the ship to express opinions based on policies ($30 surcharge at TE).

I haven't been on a cruise in almost 20 years (I was in 9th grade). I for one am happy to hear him share his experiences, observations, and comparisons (good and bad), but am aware enough to know that what he says is opinion, and will allow myself the freedom to form opinions that may differ from his. Keep posting CruisePal, and I look forward to meeting you.

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