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JP Evans
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Default Re: Re: Charge for Todd English Dining

I have never crossed the Atlantic. But will do so for the first time on April 25th on the QM2. From what I understand the weather can be rough or like a "mill pond" any time of the year. I have cruised to Bermuda a number of times out of NY and hit a few storms. The ships were a third of the size of the QM2. Never was I fearful of my life, infact it was rather fun. I'm sure the people who got seasick didn't think so. I'm hoping that one of the days on the crossing is rough. As for Cruisepal's comments, I find them a little rough. A website has been set up has been set up featuring the current 10 day Caribbean cruise which Cruisepal is a reviewer and the reviews so far are positive, or at least I'm reading as such. But then again I sometimes view the world as "half full".


If you think about it. The maiden voyage had almost 3,000 people on board. We only heard a hand full of bad comments. It's human nature for the people that had a bad experience to scream loudly and the ones that had a good time never mention it.
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