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Default RE: Maasdam -- Oct 29

As stated above, it's not a NO tipping policy, just an OPTIONAL one. I think it would be wrong not to tip people who work so hard to please me. If not familiar with amounts to give, any travel agency and even some brochures from other cruise lines will give suggestions for your cabin steward, dining room waiter (and assistant if applicable), over-all dining room steward IF he performed some duties, and any others who regularly and cheerfully assisted you. If you use one or more of the bars a lot during the cruise, it's thoughtful to tip the bartender(s). Many experienced cruisers fill (but don't seal) envelopes for each of these people BEFORE even boarding, and then at the end of the cruise they add or subtract according to the service given, before distributing them to the various people they want to recognize. These folks are not very highly paid and that tip money is very important to them and their families.
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