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Oh, Al you are so right.

Look at the people who book a Guarantee cabin at the cheapest price and then scream when they don't get upgraded to a Verandah cabin. How about the rest of us who paid top dollar for those Verandah cabins!

Then as you mentioned the group that want to schlepp cases of their favorite soda or water on board. Are they crazy to want to carry all that plus their luggage? On another board there was a thread about bringing bottled water on board and I asked why they wanted to do this and was thoroughly flamed for asking the question. The water on the ship is probably safer than that bottled stuff.

Another question I asked on this same board was "Why are Americans reluctant to carry Passports", (being a Canadian we always carry a Passport), they all jumped down my throat and said:

1. They never needed one before
2. they weren't going to pay the money for one, etc. etc.

Now many of the Caribbean countries are requiring Passports and everyone is in a panic to get one. The day will come when US citizens will have to have a Passport to get into Canada. Our Canadian Government warned all travellers this past weekend to make sure they had Passports - it is winter break where I live.

On one of our cruises, we were not able to get into Puerto Rico as the buoys were out of place due to a storm and the Coast Guard would not come out and replace them. I spoke to a lady on board the ship who was furious that we were not going in - said she had booked the cruise only because she wanted to see PR. Well, how much are you going to see in a few hours! She went on and on and on and complained to everyone. Turns out that our Captain made the right decision as the ships that were in port didn't get out of PR for a couple of days.

Just wish the whiners and complainers would go away! We have been on 40 cruises, all with HAL, and I really can't remember one complaint. On our very first cruise AC wasn't working half the time, we missed 2 ports as they had a crew on re-tubing the boilers, put into Curacao for 2 days and had a wonderful time. So much so, that we booked our next cruise when we got home and have just kept going.
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