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Default Re: Tipping: $0.75 Alternate Dining Services Staff

Just got home yesterday from cruising on the Paradise. We had a wonderful time!! The .75 per day tip is for the staff in the buffet restaurant which is called the Paris Restaurant. If you ask me, they deserve even more! The mess they have to contend with is crazy. You can have them take all the gratuities off at the begining of the cruise and then you can tip whatever you feel is right. Have a great time!!aagglaser wrote:

> Hey all,
> I'm kind of confused with the variations between the
> Carnival brochure vs. the Carnival web site regarding
> their tipping guidelines.
> -----------------------------------------------------
> In the new Carnival brochure suggests the following
> tipping guidelines:
> Room Steward - $3.50 per guest per day
> Dining Room Team Service - $5.50 per person per day
> Alternate Dining Services Staff - $0.75 per person perday
> Can anyone tell me what the alternate dining services
> staff is? Are these the people that work in the new David's
> Supper Club? Or could this be for the people who work in
> the Lido Buffet. If this is for the Lido buffet, is this
> something new for the people that work in the buffet area?
> I seem to recall seeing the same people who worked in the
> Dining room also in the Lido Buffet.
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> If you go to the Carnival web site, this is the guidelines
> they suggest for tipping.
> Dining Room Waiter: $3.50 per person/per day
> Dining Room Busboy: $2.00 per person/per day
> Dining Room Maitre d': $0.35 per person/per day
> Dining Room Head Waiter: $0.15 per person/per day
> Room Steward: $3.50 per person/per day
> Other personnel, such as Bar Waiters, Bellboys and Deck
> Stewards maybe tipped as service is rendered. 15% of the
> bill is automatically added to Sail & Sign beverage
> purchases which you may adjust appropriate to the
> service received. Gratuities can be prepaid to Carnival
> at time of booking or anytime up to two weeks prior to
> sailing. These guests will receive three gratuity
> coupons per booking with their cruise documents: one for
> the Dining Room Waiter; one for the Dining Room Busboy;
> and one for the Room Steward.
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> We are sailing on the Paradise in September, which is on the
> auto tipping system, and are trying to figure out which way
> we are tipping on, and what the $0.75 alternate dining
> services
> team charge is?
> Anyone that has some insight that could clear up our
> cunfusion,
> would be greatly appreciated.
> Talk Soon
> George & Anne
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