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Mike in Tampa
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Default Re: Back from Veendam cruise


Thanks for the update on Veendam. In the past year I have sailed Amsterdam, Prinsendam and Veendam. I found both the Amsterdam & Prinsendam to be excellent, but I would have to agree with your observations on Veendam. You have reinforced my impression as well. I found the ship worn & weather beyond typical HAL maintenance. I was surprised to find the administrative staff indifferent, even umpleasant. I witnessed the Guest Relations Officer arguing with guests in public spaces...on more than one occaision. I did find the service staff ( the Indo & Filipino) excellent, friendly and charming. The cruise staff was juvenile and acted annoyed with HAL's mature clientel (I am 40).

Yes it was still a great value, but it left me wondering if it was time to cruise other lines again. Fortunately the Amsterdam & Prinsendam renewed my appreciation for HAL.

My quandry is sailing from Tampa, where I live. It leaves me few choices for a winter trip. I love the conveniance of sailing from 'home', but I am not a Carnival Cruise fan. With my hestiations about Veendam, and your recent experience, I suspect I may try the Nordic Empress (RCI) for this winter's cruise.

Variety is the spice of life, and if it is not to my taste, it can only reinforce my appreciation for HAL.

Thanks for your thoughts.
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