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Default Carnival's reputation

It is not my intention to stir the pot, but I sailed on Destiny several years ago and made the following observations: The decks were PACKED during the sea days with sunbathers and "saved" chairs. Saved chairs is one issue that is self-explantory and I don't really want to dwell on it. The bigger issue was the mass of people packed into every available square inch of deck space. Now I understand the economics of cruising with Carnival require maximum volume of cruisers per voyage. my question is whether this ratio of humans to deck space is a problem across the entire line, and more importantly, does the crush happen on RCCL and Princess as well?

The second observation was made after my wife and I sailed on Celebrity this past january. Yes the crowd was older on the Century but there was still good crowd energy, poolside music and organized sophomoric activities. The inescapable fact was that the Carnival atmosphere was more raw. I almost expected to see guys walking around in cut-off bluejeans and wearing Earnhardt 33 hats. Having said this, I'm not judging. The fact is that there is a line, socioeconomic or regional or whatever and the two cruise experiences highlighted each side of the line. So I wondered whether anyone could help me classify RCCL and Princess with respect my perceptions of Celebrity and Carnival. Don't intend to make anybody made, these werwe just my honest observations. I liked both ships, both crews, and each experience but I would definitely gravitate to the side represented by Celebrity or a hybrid experience that was an adrenalized Celebrity.

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