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we were just on Opera for the 1/29/05 sailing and had an outside cabin. the first day as you walked down the hall, the one room chair was being set out in the hallway from alot of cabins. as we got to ours we found out why, the room is so small that the chair ( with arms ) will not fit under the vanity and you can;t open the drawer or walk to the side of the bed with the chair in the room. we compromised and if you put the chair on its side and slide it under the vanity you have the room to open the drawer and walk around the cabin. we could use the chair as we needed. yes the room is small ( even our friends with a balcony cabin had very similar set up.)
the storeage space in the cabin is very good. we had plenty of useable storeage, closets, drawers and cabinets, actually the most I have had on all my 42 cruises!
I didn't mind the cabin space , but the shower space did bother me. it was a corner shower will little turnaround or bend over space
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