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I had a BC room on Fjord deck during our Alaska Cruise last year. We found the room size to be adequate (many people say are "too small") but we live in a small house. The balcony only has room for 2 small chairs, but having a balcony was definately a plus (especially in Alaska). The "living room area" just inside the balcony has a small sofa/bed just big enough for two people to sit on, a coffee table, and a vanity table across from the couch. The "living room area" is separated from the "sleeping area" by a curtain. The beds when pushed together are adequate, only problem is the lamp shades from the reading lamps are right above, and just inches from, your head when the beds are in "pushed together" configuration. There is a notable absence of drawer space (only 3 shallow drawers), but plenty of hanging space, so I bought one of those hanging sweater thingees with 5 or 6 compartments to store my gear. You can, however, just slide your suitcase with the things in it under the bed if you wish. The bathroom is adequate with a semicircular shower. The shower's soap dish is down at "shin level", so I was glad I bought one of those suction cup plastic holders to hold travel-size shampoo, conditioner, and liquid soap at shoulder level. Also found we had problems with trying to adjust the temp on the shower--it would run hot and cold quite frequently throughout the shower--never got used to that. A suction cup toothbrush holder that I bought to put on the mirror over the sink was also a plus. You also have to time your bathroom-door-opening with the closet-door-opening since they oppose each other in the passageway that leads to the hallway door. Overall we found the room comfortable and couldn't complain seeing that NCL's price allowed us to have a balcony view of Alasks at a big $$ savings over the other cruise lines' balcony rooms. I think you should take a look at what it will cost you for a balcony room on HAL & Princess for the same trip--it will help you put your experience in perspective.
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