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We were on the Dawn cruise of 6/8/03, and can't say enough good things about FreeStyle. One thing I haven't seen mentioned above is that you can make reservations for the restaurants. Some of the higher catergory suites can make them all week, while all others can make them the day before. We usually waited for the morning to see the menus posted in the large reestaurants, then decided where to eat, knowing we also wanted ot try some of the specialty, added cost, restaurants. One day we had a problem, and postponed that one by one day. We had great meals, and great service each day. The LeBistro was a little slow, but mainly because of the special presentations, which included some preparation at your table. Their little extras were terrific, and well worth the extra money, as was Cagney's Steak House. We ate at Venetion 5 or 6 times in all, as they are also open for breakfast and Lunch. The staff is so friendly in all restaurants, and very willing to share their experiences and cruise knowledge with you.

I also noted that people are concerned about getting back to the ship early at Port Canaveral. On our day there, we could leave at about 8:30 am, and were due back at 9:00 pm for departure at 10:00 pm. We took the NCL shuttle to the Magic Kingdom, which gave us plenty of time until our 7:00 pm return to Port C.

There was plenty to do on the ship, as I rarely spent time in the room. Since Tuesday - Friday are port days, you really only have Monday and Saturday to find things to do. Adults should check out the Martini Clinic on Monday, at 12:15 pm in the Star Bar. Frankie is an outstanding and very knowledgeable bartender manager, and will show you how to make many of the basic martinis, gin and vodka, as well as a couple of specialties. Don't plan too much after this, at least if you need to be sober.

We spent time in the pool, hot tubs, golf driving range, a couple of hilarious game shows, the chocolate buffet, and a few other special interest groups. Never did we set foot in the library, movie theater, game room, bingo room, etc. We did hit the casino for a few minutes from time to time, clearing about $100 for the week on the slots.

At night, you have to find something to your liking. The 8 or 10 PM shows in the Stardust theater are spectacular, we did not miss one. Most bars and lounges have some kind of musical entertainment each night. Our favorite group was the Ironics, sing all kinds of popular music from the most recent decades back to the 50's. They can be found either by the pool or in Spinnakers. Theres' also Karaoke, Latino music, a DJ, a teen lounge, and a comedian.

So go prepared for a busy week, and I didn't even mention any of the excursions or great beach days available to you. Have a great time, and I wish I was going again. For those interested in the Star, it's nearly identical, with more sea days, and two martini clinics.
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