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Default Re: Re: Norway compensation for cancelled cruises

Actually Nita, I've been told that before, and after a few phone calls, the coupon was accepted, all be it with not too much enthusiasm.

In fact I am in the process of booking the 11-21-04 sailing of the Star. I was told by the discount agent that I use often, that he would accept the coupon. My only problem is the 2003 coupons expire 12-31-03 so I may have to wait and book in a month or so after the new coupons come out for the 2004 Entertainment Books. $200 is worth the wait on an eight night sailing.

Nita is the Star going to be refitted with a casino for the Mexico sailings? I loved this new itinerary that included an evening stay an Acapulco and also a visit to Ixtapa/Zijuatanejo, which are both ports I have not seen. This is a great itinerary for an eight night cruise. My best friends live in P.V. so I can visit them and it's a longer than usual stay in Cabo, maybe we'll have time to do something a little for fun this time.
I hope I'll like the Star more than the Dream, at least I'm hopeful.
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