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Default travel agent in hometown or booking online, ? which?

We are thinking about going on the majesty from charleston and I was looking up prices and called my travel agent in town. The prices off and and were the cheapest I could find. Do not know anything about either company. I checked under BBB and one was listed and one not. The price difference from my local travel agent verses the internet is 75.00 for the first and second and within a few dollars for the third. I have always booked my cruises with hometown ta but was wondering if anyone has had any experience with these 3 companies. Was wondering if something happened and I needed to get in touch with t.a. would the internet company help as much. I got a different price when I called each company and asked for a price 2 companies were higher than internet price and cruisevalue center was lower on the phone. Dont know whether to be safe and book locally and pay more or these companies good. Anyone who has used them let me know your experience with booking over internet. Thanks

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