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No family activities? What were you expecting? We have cruised with our teen age grand daughters on NCL, they had a blast with the other kids and the little ones loved the kids program. Bad food, well food is strictly subjective. I am a gourmet cook and have found the food on all cruises to be very good, but certainly not like dining at a $100 per plate steak house. Bad weather, and this in NCL's fault!? You had to pay for so much? What so much? As for the pedicure, everytime I have one here they try to sell me every product they can think of. I haven't found the spas to be pushy on any line except Carnival. Suggested we buy sure, hope we would, sure, over hard sell about it :NO!"

It really appears neither of you have cruised much and expected a different experience. Of course when I read others comments about the same cruise including the same dates I wonder if you are for real and if you are the same person? One time it was tracked down that the same person was posting on boards all over using different names.

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