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How crude you are; as for what I have done: every bit is true, for your information I am not 102, but could probably be your mother: God forbid, no on the other hand I wouldn't have a clild like you I am sure. I am a retired Travel agent, prior to that I was retired from a major hotel chain and have 2 daughters who work for airlines, that is how we have been lucky enough to travel. I graduated from college way before you were born, I am sure. As for a record number of kids on that cruise I find it hard to believe. There may have been several young people as there are on most cruises now days. I am familiar with the policies of all cruise lines and if there had been enough kids there would have been a group for your daughter. How could you be raking up casino points if you were with the kids? Are you beginning we realize most of us are not quite simple enough to buy your entire story: parts, maybe, but not the whole thing. Better luck next time and stick with all inclusive type of resorts. Maybe they would cater to your every whim a bit better.

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