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Default Re: Re: Re: Just Back Carnival Legend

Hi Robert. I noticed that you cruised on the Carnival Legend and you mentioned John Heald, Carlo & Ralph. I was on the Carnival Legend for about month (I took the 12 day Northern Europe cruise & the 15 day Trans-Atlantic cruise, back to back) and became friends with some of the staff. I noticed you said that John would be leaving on Oct 17. How sad! Do you know if Carlo will be promoted to Cruise Director and take Johns place on the Legend?


robert wrote:

> just back from 3 nights on legend what a ship......
> Great Ship, Great Crew and Great Staff equal a great Fun Ship
> Vacation....
> It was great......John Heald, Asst Cruise Director Carlo and
> Host Ralph were great..what a team...they ran 107
> events/activites during 3 night cruise, unreal.
> John is leaving ship on Oct 17 taking 10 day break and will
> be going over to Victory.
> Ken the voice Materdei in dinning room was great...he is off
> the ship headed to conquest....
> High society house band is the best band on the 7 seas..
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