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Default NCL's New Tipping Program

I am very curious to hear from someone who works on the NCL ships as to how they plan to enforce their new policy of a $10 per day service charge that cannot be adjusted.

On my last cruise on the NCL N. Sea, there was a large number of passengers who booked the very last minute through the internet at 1/3 the price, received an upgrade and a $100 per person cabin credit. They purchased nothing during the cruise and were "incensed" that NCL would not let me use the cabin credit to pay for the tips. So the last sea day, they went to the gift shops to use up their credits!

How does NCL plan to enforce the new policy? What if a passenger doesn't register a credit/debit card and claims not to have a checking account OR doesn't have the cash to pay for the service charges what will NCL do? I'm sure there will many of these situations.

NCL says they want passengers to report problems as they occur on board so that NCL can resolve the issues. Well, I think they better expect to have very long lines of passengers who will refuse to tip and will do anything possible not to.

Let's hear from you out there.
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