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Default Re: NCL's New Tipping Program

maraprince, I do not mean suggest you are not telling the truth, but I do know this happens rarely. I wasn't on the same Sun cruise you were though I have been on the Sun. As for the "as low as" my point is, you said this does not include port charges and by law it must. Anyone, first time cruiser or not should know gratuities are not part of the cost of cruising. If they don't know when they book they certainly would learn by reading a brochure or their TA would inform them. I certainly tell all my cliants what is and is not included. Taxes and insurence being extra is something they may not be aware of til the price is quoted in full. As for the "as low as" prices in the papers, as soon as they call they will be informed of the total cost, not to mention those rates usually only apply to one or two sailings. I don't feel this has anything to do with the New Tipping policy anyway.

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