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Default Re: NCL's New Tipping Program

"As I said it my last post, we are beating this subject to death. We can speculate forever and then NCL can change their minds. No one knows what NCL will do tomorrow and if it will apply to all or some ships. Find out if there is a fee on the ship you are on and then tip (or not tip) accordingly."

This is so true Marcia. Most people just want to know the proper thing to do so they won't embarrass themselves by not knowing what is expected. We used to believe that the $10 per day covered everything (well, except the bar gratuities) and now we learn that that may not be the case. In my opinion, it is only the American flagged ship employees who "expect" more tips. On the other NCL ships, I think the employees always appreciate the extra tipping, but do not expect it quite so much. I think the American employees were led to believe that their income would be enhanced by all the generous tippers onboard, while the foreign employees are just so thankful to have a job they do not focus so much on that issue. Just my opinion and not trying to beat a dead horse, just trying to show there may be a different perspective depending on one's circumstances.
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