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Default Re: NCL's New Tipping Program

Hi Maraprince
Since you appear to be the only one who read what I said I will repeat it!!!
It is not possible under UK banking law to place a "hold" on an account for an undetermined amount!
NCL is marketed over here in the same way as the US in that we are told that an automatic amount of $10 per day per passenger is added to your account which I have no problems with (why else would I have booked an NCL cruise for next year?)
I keep reading various posts from Bruce on various boards and I have to say they are more than a little repetitive; we should all feel sorry for the poor people who staff cruise ships! Sorry but I have said it before but they were not forced to work for any cruise line - all exercised their free rights and why should we keep paying for that!!!
Over to you Bruce.
Cheers. Paul
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