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Brandon, personal attacks are not necessary or particularlly wanted and you are personally attacking. Not only me but my integrity. I am sure you have many loyal clients and I can assure you I have never and I mean never had a client that has been unhappy with my services. I am totally objective when it comes to what I sell, I am the first one to give an opinion of a line if asked, but I do not favor one over the other unless my clients ask for my views. I do listen closely to my clients reports when they return from cruises or any other vacation for that matter. As for having trouble dealing with any line, it must be the luck of the draw. I have had problems with another line over and over. I do not, however come on public boards and name the line and do I sell? I sure do. She is very popular and I have clients who put her at the top of their list. In all fairness, the line I am referring to seems to be easier for me now than a few years ago. You mention what commission NCL pays your company, I do not think this is a subject that needs to be discussed on this or any other board.

I do want to make something clear, I am not judging your way of selling travel as I would like to think most agents are honest and caring, please do not judge me without knowing more than you think you do.

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