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We were also on the Jan.26 sailing of the Lirica. We're definitely not "complainers" by nature, but if this was my first cruise it would be my last. Just horrible. The worst was their disorganization resulting in many, many wasted hours. Not being able to go ashore at Key West was a huge disappointment. (Does anyone know how I can find out if we paid port charges here?) Shore excursions were misleading in terms of content and length of time. The reception desk could be counted on to routinely give incorrect information. Shore excursion manager Francesca was of no help to us at all. I can't tell you how many times and from how many different staff/crew we heard this phrase: "It's not my fault". No one takes responsibility for any of the problems so I have a hard time believing they will be rectified soon. My advice..... DON'T DO IT! Choose to cruise with another line.
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